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Raid Markers 1.0.0

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About Raid Markers

This plugin can help show all Raid activities (all entitys destroyed that are owned by a player) . When players destroy any entity that is owned, a marker will show on the map and can be adjusted to give you a chat notifiction. This can help players who are online by notifiying them if they are being raided or can help other players know that a base is being raided so they could counter.

You can change the marker settings from the config file.

You can change chat messages from the language folder.


All Config Settings

  "Raid Map Marker Enabled": true,
  "Raid Chat Message Enabled": true,
  "Show Message If player in Raid area": true,
  "Marker Color": "00FF00",
  "Marker Outline Color": "00FFFFFF",
  "Marker Duration (Second)": 10,
  "Marker Radius (float)": 0.4,
  "Show Entity Owner Name": false,
  "Iconid": 0,
  "Color Opacity Percent example (%25 =0.25, %50 = 0.5 ...": 0.5,
  "Use Map Marker Plugin (true or false)": true,
  "If Player Own Entity Dont Show Marker": true,
  "Showing Damage Type": [

Language Settings:
You can modify the notification messages in different languages under the 'Language' folder.

If you find any bugs, need assistance, or have suggestions related to the plugin, you can reach out on Discord. Discord pisagor0104


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