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About F1 Grenade Base

This plugin can help to player build raid base for raid somewhere 
before  player type /f1menu  then player can buy f1grenade  from menu for build  while throw to greanade builded raid base.
Then player get uath from tc and use own codelock to door raid baes is ready.

You can use different raid bae design for your own server you can change it in config file 
This plugin need RustRewards and CopyPasta Plugin
Note: This plugin work with only rp, not economics and scrap. You need ServerRewards Rust Rewards and ImageLibrary.

Default Config File 

  "Cost Type (rp or scrap)": "RP",  // Cost Type "RP" or "Scrap" Up lowercase important
  "Base 1 Name (data/copypaste/grenaderaidbase.json)": "grenaderaidbase", //base name
  "Base 1 Cost": 500,
  "Base 1 Image": "https://www.pcgamesn.com/wp-content/sites/pcgamesn/2020/09/rust-daddy-norseman-build-550x309.jpg", 
  "Base 2 Name (data/copypaste/grenaderaidbase.json)": "grenaderaidbase",
  "Base 2 Cost": 500,
  "Base 2 Image": "https://www.pcgamesn.com/wp-content/sites/pcgamesn/2020/09/rust-daddy-norseman-build-550x309.jpg",
  "Base 3 Name (data/copypaste/grenaderaidbase.json)": "grenaderaidbase",
  "Base 3 Cost": 500,
  "Base 3 Image": "https://www.pcgamesn.com/wp-content/sites/pcgamesn/2020/09/rust-daddy-norseman-build-550x309.jpg",
  "Base 4 Name (data/copypaste/grenaderaidbase.json)": "grenaderaidbase",
  "Base 4 Cost": 500,
  "Base 4 Image": "https://www.pcgamesn.com/wp-content/sites/pcgamesn/2020/09/rust-daddy-norseman-build-550x309.jpg",
  "Base 5 Name (data/copypaste/grenaderaidbase.json)": "grenaderaidbase",
  "Base 5 Cost": 500,
  "Base 5 Image": "https://www.pcgamesn.com/wp-content/sites/pcgamesn/2020/09/rust-daddy-norseman-build-550x309.jpg",
  "Base 6 Name (data/copypaste/grenaderaidbase.json)": "grenaderaidbase",
  "Base 6 Cost": 500,
  "Base 6 Image": "https://www.pcgamesn.com/wp-content/sites/pcgamesn/2020/09/rust-daddy-norseman-build-550x309.jpg",
  "Base 1 Active": true,
  "Base 2 Active": true,
  "Base 3 Active": true,
  "Base 4 Active": true,
  "Base 5 Active": true,
  "Base 6 Active": true

You can change raid base if you have your own base file type json.

Player Command


Player can buy grenade raid base with that command.

If you find any bugs, need assistance, or have suggestions related to the plugin, you can reach out on Discord. Discord pisagor0104


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