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Instant Scuba Diver 0.0.1

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About Instant Scuba Diver

Instant Scuba Diver instantly equips full scuba gear when swimming, then puts back on your original armor when you go back to walking. Scuba gear does not need to be in inventory, just instantly equips when needed. Makes going in and out of the water a breeze and effortless. Great for diving, emergency jumps out of a boat, or quick escapes! Your out-of-water armor is safely stored in memory until you get back out of the water. Used scuba gear is deleted from attire slots and inventory.

Q) What happens to my armor if I die underwater?
A) Your armor is returned to your body just as you die. Return to your body to get it back.

This plugin does not contain a configuration file!


InstantScubaDiver.1.use - Allows any player to instantly equip scuba gear when enterting the water
InstantScubaDiver.1.diving_tank - Allows any player to additionally equip a diving tank with the scuba gear

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Console Commands:
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