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About Emotipedia


If you're looking to create a fun, community chatting environment for your players, Emotipedia allows players to use emotes! When an emote keyword is recognised in a chat message, the emote shows up on all of your players screens!



  • Emotes fade in on a random position on screen
  • Fully configurable emote library (any small square image via URL will work!)
    • Twitch Emotes (BTTV, FFZ)
    • Discord Emotes
    • Any emotes! (not animated though 😞 )
  • Uses image caching (100% crisp emotes for all players, even on 0 graphics)
  • Set size of emotes on screen
  • How long emotes are shown for
  • Use first or all emotes from a message
  • Configurable emote cooldown duration
  • Players can enable/disable emotes on their screen


  • /emotehelp - lists all emotes and commands
  • /emotetoggle - toggles emote visibility


There's only a single permission. When a player has this permission, their chat messages will be read by the plugin and display emotes. Without it, the plugin will not function on those chat messages. Grant this to all players, or keep it for your VIP groups if you wanna give something special to them!

  • emotipedia.enabled


Configuration is super simple!

  "Chat message when plugin is loaded": true,
  "Console messages when emotes are cached": false, // Helpful for debuging if an emote doesn't seem to work.
  "Emote size (square pixels when displayed on a 1920x1080 screen)": 55.0,
  "Purist Mode (requires correct capitalization)": false, // Triggers with "PogU" (purist = true) vs "pogu" (purist = false)
  "Emote display duration on screen (seconds)": 5,
  "Only one emote per message (uses first emote)": true, // Set it to false if you really love players using emotes
  "If the message contains only emotes, hide it from chat": true, // EG: Typing "POGGERS" will only show the emote, not the chat message.
  "Cooldown (seconds before another emote can be sent by a player; can be set to 0)": 5, // Set it to 0 for fun mode ;)
  "Emotes": [
      "Emote Name": "OMEGALUL",
      "Emote URL": "https://cdn.betterttv.net/emote/583089f4737a8e61abb0186b/3x"
      "Emote Name": "monkaS",
      "Emote URL": "https://cdn.betterttv.net/emote/56e9f494fff3cc5c35e5287e/3x"
      "Emote Name": "POGGERS",
      "Emote URL": "https://cdn.betterttv.net/emote/58ae8407ff7b7276f8e594f2/3x"
	// There are 50 popular default twitch emotes included - not all listed here!
    // To add more emotes, simply copy the above format. The name is the keyword
    // which triggers the emote to show on screen. The url should be of a small,
    // square image. Ideally the resolution should match your Emote Size setting.
  "Plugin Version": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 0

Future Features

It's a pretty simple plugin, so nothing is officially planned. Hop on discord and let us know if you'd like to see a new feature added in the future!

Currently testing for the next version:

  • API - other plugins will be able to trigger a configured emote to show for a specified list of players.
  • Emotes will respect global/team chat and only show for the players in said chat.

Premium Support

After buying the plugin, join the <I/O> Discord server! With proof of purchase, you get access to a premium support channel. Come and chat with us!

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