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Chicken Egg 2.1.5

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About Chicken Egg

Getting chickens, a person with a certain chance gets a broken egg, which he must put next to the feeder.After the time that you specify in the cfg, chickens will hatch from the egg, which will lay eggs, one can be broken and get loot, and the other can also be put and grow a chicken.

Time of growth.
The time that the chicken will lay eggs is configured in the cfg.
The chance of everything falling out is also configured in the cfg.
Added localization.
1. Limit the chicken's life by time.
2. Limit the life of a chicken by laid eggs.
3. Limit the maximum number of eggs that the chicken will lay.
4.Food system added.
5. Now the objects falling when opening the egg have more settings.

6. Now you can change the skin of eggs


  • Config
  "Time it takes for an egg to grow": 60.0,
  "Time it takes a hen to lay an egg": 1800.0,
  "How many eggs can a hen lay at most (When the hen overcomes this number will be:1. If the lifetime of the chicken is -1, then the chicken will die. 2.If the time of the chicken is not equal to -1, then the chicken will die after the time specified in the lifetime.": 30,
  "How long will the chicken live (Leave -1 if you want off)": 1800.0,
  "Turning on the food system? (If yes, then the settings will be completely different; everything that you set up above will not work, except for the growth of the egg)": true,
  "[FOOD SYSTEM SETTINGS] How long will the chicken live (Do not rise above this limit)": 1800.0,
  "[FOOD SYSTEM SETTINGS] How often will the chicken eat?": 25.0,
  "[FOOD SYSTEM SETTINGS] How long does it take a chicken to lay an egg": 60.0,
  "[FOOD SYSTEM SETTINGS] Enable adding time from food not listed?": false,
  "[FOOD SYSTEM SETTINGS] If food is not on the list, how much time should I add?": 5.0,
  "[FOOD SYSTEM SETTINGS] How much life will food add?": {
    "chicken.cooked": 10.0,
    "corn": 2.0
  "Time after which the bag will disappear after death": 300.0,
  "Skin ID Eggs (Which Grows)": 2053576055,
  "Skin ID Eggs (Which breaks)": 2053584503,
  "What is the chance that a chicken will lay an egg from which another chicken can be raised?": 25.0,
  "What is the chance that the chicken will lay an egg that can drop items?": 100.0,
  "What is the chance that a chicken egg will drop when harvesting a chicken carcass?": 2.0,
  "Enable chat notification when you get an egg?": false,
  "The ability to damage chickens is only available to build owners?": false,
  "The ability to loot the inventory of a chicken, is there only for the owners of the build?": false,
  "Items that drop after breaking an egg": [
      "Enabled?": true,
      "Shortname": "rifle.ak",
      "Display name(Leave blank if default)": "",
      "SkinId": 0,
      "Min": 1,
      "Max": 1
      "Enabled?": true,
      "Shortname": "wood",
      "Display name(Leave blank if default)": "",
      "SkinId": 0,
      "Min": 1000,
      "Max": 5000


  • Commands
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