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About Car Vendor

This plugin adds Car Vendor NPCs


Adding Car vendors to your server

There are two ways to do this -

  •  Add both Vendor spawnpoint and Car spawnpoint to your map. Make sure not to break the trigger prefab.


  • Or you can run /carvendor set_car_spawnpoint and then /carvendor npc_spawn

To run these commands you need to have carvendor.spawn permission

Spawnpoints are automatically saved to a datafile. To wipe them run /carvendor reset



Example CarVendor.json

  "(0) Price item short name": "scrap",
  "(1) Price of chassis/components": {
    "Chassis2": 75,
    "Chassis3": 150,
    "Chassis4": 175,
    "ComponentsTier0": 0,
    "ComponentsTier1": 50,
    "ComponentsTier2": 150,
    "ComponentsTier3": 200
  "(2) Car modules": {
    "2": [
    "3": [
    "4": [
  "(3) NPC Name": "Car Vendor",
  "(4) Spawn permission name": "carvendor.spawn",
  "(5) Car starting fuel": 75.0,
  "(6) Max distance between NPC and spawnpoint trigger (meters)": 100.0,
  "(7) Check for other cars within radius (meters)": 15.0,
  "(8) Nudge players (true/false)": true,
  "(9) Player nudge radius (meters)": 5.0,
  "CUI Name": "carvendor_ui"


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