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Better Vanish 1.7.3

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About Better Vanish

Better Vanish allows server admins or users with permission to go fully invisible to spectate/watch players.

It is based on the free public version on uMod by Wulf and has been in development since 2017.
However, this version was written from scratch with performance, security and optimization in mind.

Key features:

  • Vanished administrators cannot be seen by any other players or cheaters. ¹
  • Optimization with performance in mind. No garbage allocations.
  • Smaller size, lightweight with only most necessary functions for being invisible.
  • Auto-hide / Auto-noclip after joining. ²
  • Can be used by non-admins with certain restrictions.
  • Auto teleportation under the map or to a safe spot (if you crash or disconnect). ³
  • Vanished state persists between disconnects or server restarts (configurable).
  • Invisible to the world, environment, AI, traps and so on. ⁴
  • Custom & Lightweight trigger subsystem.
    Vanished player is only enters the most important world triggers at zero overhead.
  • Can hide and unhide other players via command.
  • The inventory spy function will let you see and edit player's or NPC's inventories.
  • Sound effects when entering and leaving invisibility (other players can't hear it).
  • Supports original Vanish API & Hooks.


  1. You must behave accurately if you don't want to get attention from potential cheaters. Do not play, shoot, or touch your inventory and outfit.
  2. Auto-noclip is valid only for admins.
  3. Non-admins cannot be teleported underground. Please use the safe points.
  4. You still may provoke AI to follow you or shoot at you if you cause damage to them.



The settings and options for this plugin can be configured in the BetterVanish.json file under the oxide/config directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors.


"Show visual indicator (true/false)": true,
"Visual indicator image address": "https://i.imgur.com/dOvX4uA.png",
"Visual indicator anchor min": "0.1 0.001",
"Visual indicator anchor max": "0.17 0.10",
"Visual indicator color": "0.7 0 0 1",
"Depth of an underground teleport (upon disconnection)": 15.0,
"Block all incoming damage while vanished (true/false)": true,
"Block all outgoing damage while vanished (true/false)": true,
"Auto vanish on connect (true/false)": true,
"Auto noclip on connect (true/false)": true,
"Auto noclip on vanish (true/false)": true,
"Turn off noclip on reappear (true/false)": true,
"Persist vanish (don't unhide upon leave & restore after restart)": true,
"Use sound effects (true/false)": true,
"Enable safepoints (true/false)": true,
"Remove all safepoints after wipe (true/false)": true,
"Config revision (do not edit)": 4




The localization for this plugin can be configured in the BetterVanish.json file under the oxide/lang/en directory. The use of a JSON editor or validation site such as jsonlint.com is recommended to avoid formatting issues and syntax errors.

"CommandVanish": "vanish",
"CommandSetVanish": "setvanish",
"CommandUnvanishAll": "unvanishall",
"CommandInvSpy": "invspy",
"VanishDisabled": "<color=#FF686B>Vanish disabled</color>",
"VanishEnabled": "<color=#91D6FF>Vanish enabled</color>",
"VanishDisabledOther": "<color=#FF686B>You disabled vanish on {0}</color>",
"VanishEnabledOther": "<color=#91D6FF>You enabled vanish on {0}</color>",
"UnvanishedPlayers": "<color=#FF686B>You unvanished {0} players!</color>",
"SetVanishHelp": "Syntax: /setvanish PlayerName",
"SafePointNotSet": "You haven't set your <color=#F7B267>Safe Point</color>\nType <color=#FF686B>/vanish safepoint</color> to save your current position.\nYou will be automatically teleported there upon disconnection.",
"SafePointSaved": "Your current position is saved as a Safe Point!",
"MultiplePlayers": "Multiple players found!\nRefine your search or use Steam ID.",
"NothingInSight": "No players in sight",
"NoSuchPlayer": "No such player found ({0})",
"InvSpyLooting": "Looting: {0} ({1})."



This plugin uses Oxide's permission system. To assign a permission, use oxide.grant <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>.

To remove a permission, use oxide.revoke <user or group> <name or steam id> <permission>.

  • bettervanish.allowed - allows non-admin players to use vanish and become invisible.
  • bettervanish.allowedother - allows non-admin players to vanish other players by their name.
  • bettervanish.perma – the bearer will be vanished automatically and won’t be able to turn off vanish himself.
  • bettervanish.unvanish - allows non-admin players to unvanish everyone at once.
  • bettervanish.invspy - allows non-admin players to use inventory spy to loot players and NPCs remotely.
  • bettervanish.skiplocks - allows non-admin players to have access to locked entities (boxes, doors).



This plugin provides universal chat and console commands. When using a command in the chat, prefix it with a forward slash: /.

  • vanish - Toggles vanish state.
  • vanish safepoint - Save a Safepoint, where get teleported on disconnect (your current position).
  • setvanish <PlayerName> - Toggles vanish state of specified player.
  • unvanishall - Unvanish everyone at once (both online & sleepers).
  • invspy - Let you see and edit players or Npcs inventories, <name/steamID64> or look at the target and use then "invspy "


Plugin Data

This plugin can store 2 data files under oxide/data:

  • BetterVanish-SafePoints.json - Player safepoints storage.
  • BetterVanish-PersistPlr.json - Players with persisted vanish state.


Developer API

bool _IsInvisible(BasePlayer player)

bool _IsInsivible(IPlayer player)
void _Disappear(BasePlayer)

void _Reappear(BasePlayer)


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