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Anti Terrain Death 2.0.3

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About Anti Terrain Death

Anti Terrain Death is a plugin that saves player frustration and admin work by preventing players from dying to terrain or prefab issues on procedural and custom maps. Instead of the player being killed due to a terrain problem, they will be teleported to their nearest sleeping bag, or if they have no sleeping bag, the nearest spawn point as specified in the config. Players will only ever be teleported if they would otherwise be killed. There is never a "false positive". All Terrain Violations show up in console and a separate log file as well for extra utility so admins can track the source of the problem and correct it.

Both procedural and custom maps in Rust have many ways players can die to terrain or other issues like improperly set volumes. When a player dies like this, they lose everything they had and either will require admin assistance to get their stuff back or they may even just leave the server in frustration. This plugin helps prevent these problems!



• Saves players from death due to the many map issues which may arise, preventing player and admin frustration 

• Compatible with both procedural and custom maps

• Teleports players that would have been killed by the map to their nearest sleeping bag instead

• If they have no sleeping bag, teleports them to the nearest location set by admins with an easy to use spawns file

• No "false positives". Will only ever teleport a player if they would've been killed by the terrain

• Ignore admins option so admins remain unaffected by the teleportation (with god mode admins won't die to terrain issues)

• Shows the location in console where the Terrain Violation occurred so admins can investigate and troubleshoot the issue

• Creates a separate log file of Terrain Violations and their positions so admins can review and correct the problems

• Customizable


Depends On

IMR Tools Package: https://codefling.com/tools/imr-tools-package

Spawns Database: https://umod.org/plugins/spawns-database

Always make sure you have the IMR Tools Package installed first when running any plugins by IMR Games. 

Requires Spawns Database to set the position for teleportation in the event the player doesn't have a sleeping bag. 



- Make sure you have the IMR Tools Package and Spawns Database plugin installed, as explained above.

- Put this plugin in your oxide plugins folder.

- It will generate a config and lang file.

- Customize and enjoy!



  "Ignore Admins": true, //Toggles whether or not the plugin will ignore admins.
  "SpawnsDatabase File": "TerrainSpawnPoints" //Name of the Spawns Database file for spawn positions if the player doesn't have a sleeping bag. This name can be whatever you like, as long as it references a file that exists.


  "TerrainViolation": "You were teleported to either your nearest sleeping bag or another nearest safe location." //Message a player receives when they are teleported.
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