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UFO Pack - IceStation Thule, Area 51, Single Player Thule, UFO Prefab, Crashed UFO HD0523a


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About UFO Pack - IceStation Thule, Area 51, Single Player Thule, UFO Prefab, Crashed UFO

IceStation Thule is based upon John Carpenters The Thing. Features Green, Blue and Red Card puzzles however you only need Green to start it. Fuses are also required. Multiple loot creates around the monument with the Red card Puzzle protected by Heavy Scientists and requiring 2 players to complete. Also note the station is protected by a SAM site and Transmitted alarm to encourage counter raids. There are also 9 cameras THULE1 - THULE9

Apoco has taken the UFO and added / altered the Puzzle to make it a separate monument on its own, 
credit to him for taking the work further.

The extra prefab is called UFOCOMPLETE.prefab and is placed in the prefab folder with the others

You will also find Apocos UFO conversion as part of the Added Area 51

There is also a single player version of the original Thule monument

You will also find a crashed version, you will need to fit this as you see fit, its purely cosmetic



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