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About Sunken Cargo Ship

The Cargo Ship sank and all but one 'Timed Crate' remained. Get in there before the Cobalt Rescue boats get there first!

Prefab Counts: 411

The Sunken Cargo Ship contains the following:

  • 4x Military Crates
  • 1x Timed Crate
  • Scuba Loot (On the 'Rescue Boats' aka Tug Boats)
  • 6x Underwater Rock formations (High chance of shark spawns)
  • Several Underwater Crates
  • 1x Tug Boat prefab inc. Scientist & Loot crate

Prefab Modifiers

  • Height
  • Splat
  • Topology

Note! You will need the latest versions of Oxide and Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll to use these on a map/server.

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