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About Robob NPC Vendors & Prefabs

This is my Robob NPC Vendor & Prefab collection.

The vendors work straight out the box. No plugins needed other than the usual 'RustEdit Oxide extension'.

Robob NPC Vendors - Vanilla Profiles

  • Building
  • Components
  • Extra 1
  • Outfitters
  • Resources
  • Tools & Stuff
  • Vehicles
  • Vehicles Extra
  • Weapons

Robob NPC Vendors - Custom Profiles

  • Car Modules
  • Car Modules 2
  • Excavator (New in v1.1.0)
  • Scuba Gear (New in v1.2.0)

Robob Prefab Collection

  • Robob Series 3 (Chrome - Green. Red, Cold, Warm)
  • Robob Series 3 (Aged - Green, Red, Cold, Warm)
  • Robob Series 3 (Rusty - Green, Red, Cold, Warm)
  • Robobike Series 3 (Chrome, Aged, Rusty - Red)
  • Battle Droid Series 3 (Chrome, Aged, Rusty)

Note: I will be adding more vending profiles with future updates and if you require a certain profile creating, let me know 👍 Any issues, Add me on discord smoke.uk#1373

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