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About SkormIsland HDRP


  • This island is part of an ancient civilization, apparently people who lived before the appearance of COBALT built an arena there and used magic. We can see that the arena has not been completed and only we can decide what to do with it next. After finding this mysterious island, the mechanisms turned out to be working, all the doors open. People lived in it and built small houses and a port, over time people mysteriously disappeared and something dark and powerful blows from the island


  • When installing a map, focus on the glaciers near the wooden house with traps.

About the island

  • A little about the electrics of the island
  1. When approaching the skull, bonfires light up
  2. The doors in the skull open from the inside with a button and from the outside with the help of wheels(each door separately)
  3. Everything is connected in the garden, the players just need to connect the water to the pump, which is ready to turn on
  4. The runway can be illuminated with red siren
  5. The light near the runway automatically turns on at night and turns off during the day


  • In the garden there is a rune that warms the earth around, this makes it possible to grow all kinds of plants in a cold climate
  • On a huge mountain there is a path along which it is easy to climb to the top
  • In the small lakes on the island, drinking water is not salty

For correct operation, it is necessary -->https://www.rustedit.io/threads/rustedit-oxide-umod-extension.695/  if it is not installed, then all the electrics and mechanisms will not work for you

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