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About Skorm Arena [EVENT]

  • This monument was created for holding events in it.
  • The arena is made in such a way that players can be divided into 2 teams, red and blue.
  • The administrator can manage the arena without leaving the place from which he watches the battle.
  • Observers of the battle can sit on the stands, where I have installed invisible chairs.
  • There are 2 entrances to the arena, entrance 1 and entrance 2, in order to get there, you need to open the kinetic doors from the inside, this could be your assistant.

What can you manage? I have divided the control view into 2 parts, "light" and "doors".
Which doors can be opened?
- Doors in which gladiators sit
- Doors to the store.
- Doors for buying horses.
- Doors for access to the arena doors(climb up).
- Exit doors to the arena

What kind of electricity can be used?
- Light in the gladiator chambers
- Light between the cameras and the store
- Light at the horse spawn place
-Light between the exit to the arena doors
- Light at the Arena door
- Light in the place where the administrator is sitting
- Circular illumination on the battlefield inside the arena
- Circular lighting around the arena
- Turning on and off the cameras inside the arena

  • All electricity is divided into 2 teams, you can separately open the doors of the blue or red ones.
  • For greater historicity and convenience, I added an option called "pollice verso", which allows the administrator to give an order to spare or kill the loser, well, or just show everyone what decision he made.
  • I thought that 2 teams would not be enough, and added 2 more exits "Bot1" and "Bot2", there you can spawn bots and open the doors for them to enter the arena.
  • In the arena itself, I placed 2 traps, a barbed post and an electric pressure plate.

What can players buy in the store and what are they like?
- Food Store
- Medical supplies Store
- Weapons Store
- Armor Shop
- Clothing store

  • The weapon is only melee, the armor is only wooden.But you can change the settings at your discretion.
  • Clothing, weapons, can be sold at a price 2 times less.
  • To do this, I divided the stores into "Buy" and "Sell"sections.
  • The currency in the store is bones, gladiators can get bones from those killed in the arena.

How do the cameras work?
To turn off the cameras, the administrator should simply move the switch to the "off" position.

Total of 20 camerascctv.camera.png

  • 4 cameras are located on the site of the gladiator battle.
  • 5 cameras in the rooms of the red team.
  • 5 cameras in the rooms of the blue team.
  • 3 cameras at the exits of the red team.
  • 3 cameras at the exits of the blue team.

Camera names

  1. arena1
  2. arena2
  3. arena3
  4. arena4

Blue Team Cameras

  1. bglad1
  2. bglad2
  3. bglad3
  4. bglad4
  5. bglad5
  6. bglads
  7. bglads2
  8. bglads2

Red Team Cameras

  1. rglad1
  2. rglad2
  3. rglad3
  4. rglad4
  5. rglad5
  6. rglads
  7. rglads2
  8. rglads2

There are 14500 objects in total.

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