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About IceStation Thule by Niko (The Thing)

IceStation Thule is based upon John Carpenters The Thing. Updated with the new Arctic Update, I originally did this monument in 2020, I live next door to FP and they keep tapping into my wifi - I need scientists as protection - Anyway i digress. 

Features Green, Blue and Red Card puzzles however you only need Green to start it. Fuses are also required. Multiple loot creates around the monument with the Red card Puzzle protected by Heavy Scientists and only requires 1 player to complete now.

The UFO has been completely redesigned and replaced, in the space next to the main UFO entrance there is a switch to bypass the puzzle entrance if you wish to make it easier for your players. Just flick it as admin when your server is running.

Also note the station is protected by a SAM site and Transmitted alarm to encourage counter raids.

You will find a plugin required called HangerDoor, created by BMG so thanks to him for that, allows the hanger door to work on the UFO. If you find it does not work first time then once your server has started just reload the plugin.

Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.



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