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About Hotel Complex

This is an expansive custom top tier monument roughly the size of Airfield which features a unique fuel-powered puzzle system and multiple potential paths for completion. 


Features include:

- 3 Recyclers

- 2 Research tables

- Repair Bench

- Green, Blue, and Red card spawners

- Multi-path puzzle with Green, Blue, Red Card doors, and jump puzzles

- Color coded doors, directional wall arrows, wires and lighting effects guide players through puzzles

- Tons of loot, including several elite crates

- Completely custom kitchen building with handmade interior, a secret basement area and office space on the second floor.

- Usable stovetop in kitchen

- 15 furnished hotel rooms, all fully explorable

- Band stage with playable instruments

- 8 patrolling NPC Scientist Spawners, 1 NPC Heavy Scientist Spawner

- Hackable Timed Crate in the final penthouse loot room

- Built in Air Drop location on roof

- Reactive alarms: opening the final puzzle room triggers an alarm and broadcasts signal on Pager Frequency '4556'!

- Hand built interiors with real windows!!

- Climbable vines

- Underground building area

- Put the Hotel Complex in the center of a small map and add in my Outpost 10 monument along the shore for an instant One-Grid!

*Please note this is a puzzle/standard monument that includes radiation, and is not designed to function with the Hotel mod by shady14u.

* Alpha may need to be adjusted depending on map resolution


Planned Additions/Updates (free with future versions):

- Reactive lighting indicating power state in each puzzle area

- Functional telephone network in hotel rooms

- Expanded underground sewers

- Additional jump puzzles

- More detail throughout

- CCTV System, integrated into Control Room

- Easter Eggs!



For prefab support, try the TRGC Discord Support Channel:  https://discord.gg/D9Y8tpGQvM

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