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About Studio 10 Casino

Studio 10 is a bespoke hole-in-the-wall casino that fits seamlessly into any location occupied by any Rowhouse 3St 9x9 prefab variant (regular, green and white), allowing you to place a roomy and loaded casino into any existing map or future custom map for instant gambling fun.



- Real windows in the building! 

- Active lighting appropriate for gambling

- Bigwheel with 4 betting stations

- Blackjack machine

- 2 Slot machines

- 6 person poker table

- Sweet disco light on a timer switch

- Arcade Machine

- Stereo

- Exterior lighting

- 100% comfort for recovery while you gamble


For questions and support jump into the TRGC Prefab Support Discord channel:  https://discord.gg/HdyvjsrsB3

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