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About Outpost Ten

Outpost 10 is a brand new take on Outpost that combines all of the vendors and functionality of Bandit Camp and Outpost into a tight one-street-town package. This version of Outpost is ideal for smaller maps and/or pvp maps that have limited real estate.  Total prefab count:  2154

Outpost 10 Features and Notables:

- Shopkeepers located throughout for easy customization (some custom profiles included)

- Includes Airwolf Shopkeeper

- Includes all vending machines from Outpost and Bandit Camp

- Includes NPC quest givers from standard Stables, Outpost and Bandit Camp

- Respawn location included in sewers to avoid late-wipe spawn deaths from Raidable base turrets.  Can be removed if desired

- Includes Subway Connection (make sure to replace the black cube with 'Entrance A')

- Includes powered Car Lift

- Includes multiple 100% comfort areas to relax and recharge

- Safezone on the surface, but no rules in the sewer! Keep your PvP Pants on!

- 25% of the size of the standard Outpost monument, 150% of the functionality

- Includes my Shopkeeper and Scientist/Guard Prefab Placeholder prefabs

- Includes my custom casino prefab, Studio 10! Perfect for server gambling events

For questions and support jump into the TRGC Prefab Support Discord channel:  https://discord.gg/HdyvjsrsB3

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