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Clandestine Labs 1.0.0

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About Clandestine Labs


Hidden within the cover of a seemingly normal farm, sinister experiments take place just below the surface.  Do you dare make your way to the bottom of this undercover operation?

Clandestine Labs is a top tier monument requiring all 3 keycards and featuring a unique fuel-powered puzzle system within a hidden underground bunker.

Features include:

- Recycler and Mixing Table

- Tons of loot, including several elite crates at the bottom/red card level

- Hackable Timed Crate in final loot room

- 4 regular scientist spawners, 2 heavy scientist spawners

- Reactive lighting throughout monument

- Reactive alarms, surface door controls from subsurface control room

- Restoring main power to the facility broadcasts on Pager Frequency '101'

- If desired, replace black cube with Entrance Bunker 'D' to tie into your map's subway network, otherwise erase the Alpha in this location


Try this prefab and more for free on the TRGC Build Anywhere Rust Server - check out https://trgcollective.org/Rust for more information!

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