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Haunted, Deadly, Castle Monument - FPS/Resource Lite - Ye Old Sims Castle 1.2.3

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About Haunted, Deadly, Castle Monument - FPS/Resource Lite - Ye Old Sims Castle

Welcome to Ye Old Sims Castle! ** AS SEEN ON "Life of The Rust & Famous** It's a beautiful castle with a dark, sinister secret. Nobody knows what happened to the old lords and ladies of castle. Only that some type of evil dark magic cult was involved. Explore it's beautiful decor of body parts and remains of a tragic end to a powerful dynasty. Much treasure still lurks inside for those who dare to enter. 

Are you bold enough? Brave enough? Crazy enough to enter? You have been warned.


(The blue bubbles in the screenshots are scarecrow spawnpoints)


  • Dark sinister tone of old gardens turned to dead weeds
  • Multiple hidden traps, danger around every corner.
  • This castle will put a chill down your spine! 
  • Greed of Life trap, Loot one of the elite crates, you can't get out and die, leave it be, and you can leave the trap!
  • 14 Scarecrow spawners in the old Blacksmithy
  • 21 Scarecrow spawners guarding the old treasury vault
  • 11 Scarecrow spawners guarding the dead remains of Ye Old Lady's mummified body and parts, Plus Recycler.
  • 25 Scarecrows protecting the main living area, rumored to be what's left of the old court
  • Building Block Cube Surround the Monument so players cannot build in the immediate area or on the monument.
  • Stomach Churning Courtyard Feast
  • Spookily Empty Halls giving an eerie tone as if those who did survive left in a hurry never to return with their belongings.
  • No Key Cards required, Traps are the worry here, not boring key cards and fuses.
  • Mystery and danger behind every turn.
  • Player is forced to mine ore to get inside the doors of this ancient monument!
  • Last but not least, extremely light and Server Resource & FPS Friendly. No need to worry about bogging down your server!


  • Total of 3 Food Crates
  • Total of 2 Normal Crates
  • Total of 1 Medical Crate
  • Total of 6 Elite Crates
  • Total of 3 Hackable Crates
  • Total of 1 Toolbox
  • Barrels added
  • Food box added
  • More Decor added
  • Green card spawner added

Install Instructions:

  • Use Height Map
  • Use Alpha Map
  • Use Splat Map
  • Use Biome
  • Done.

Download if Ye Dare!


Note: Okay, here is my only promise. Your players will enjoy this monument. I didn't spend a lot of time adding décor and other things to bog down your server, I made a fun meat and bones monument from scratch that your players will enjoy. It has traps, it has zombies to kill (Scarecrows), it has loot, it has everything they'd want plus it's unique because again I made this from scratch. So being a new author and my screenshots being terrible due to my shitty recycle pile graphics card due to current inflated 300% markup on graphics cards, I'm giving this free so you can use it, and your players can love it. Let me know how your players enjoy this monument and Happy Holidays.


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