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About Cemetery - Free version

A cemetery composed of several above-ground crypts, one of which is underground and connected to a cave with two entrances (see screen.) Is already protected by a block of prohibition of construction.



Number of crypts: 36 (All visitable)
Number of prefabs: ~2100.
The file contains : Biome / Heights / Splat / Alpha file (And of course the prefab!).

The fog effect is the same as the swamp effect, it is here to support the creepy side of the cemetery, but it is easily removable!

Does not contain any riddles or loot. (Contains however several easters egg, the entrances of the cave are hidden, the crosses on the crypts are harvestable (This gives metal ores)


You can contact me directly via the messages here, or by adding me on discord: Sìlver#0091

Don't hesitate to leave a review, good or bad, it could help me to improve !

Hope you like it! 🙂

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