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About Abandoned Garage

Abandoned garage is a small tier 1 monument. Requiring a green keycard and one fuse to open, your players will be sure to enjoy this monument.

Monument Info:

  • Tier 0 area
  1. Food crate x2
  2. Medical crate
  3. Tool box x2
  4. Normal crate x2
  • Tier 1 area:
  1. Normal crate x1
  2. Green crate x2
  • Total Assets: 146~
  • Rads: None

Lore: During the Cobalt Corporation's occupation on the island, they needed places to store vehicles in between convoys and when they weren't in use, hence they created these small garages. Designed to be self sufficient with plenty of fuel, generators and enough supplies to last for weeks, these garages were the ideal spot for drivers and mercenaries to rest during their long journeys. 

Like my work? Want something custom done? Feel free to message me on discord (General Tao#5086) and I'm open to discuss anything!

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