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World Map 1.0.8

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About World Map

A world map is a map of most or all of the surface of Earth. Because of their scale, 
World Maps rendered in two dimensions by necessity distort the display of the three-dimensional 
surface of the earth

have fun with it do what you like with the map 

you can add this to your batch file for your spawn rate like stone ore vegetation corn or pumpkins to increase

+spawn.max_rate 2.6 ^
+spawn.min_rate 2.5 ^
+spawn.min_density 2.5 ^
+spawn.max_density 2.6 ^

and for your train spawn rate you can add this to your batch file to increase

+traincar.population "2.4" ^

Map entry level: Expert
World Map Size is 2800

2.small outpost
4.underwater labs
5.Large Oil Rig
6.Launch Site
7.Small Train Station
9.Oil Rig
11.Mining Outpost
12.Texas fruit truck
13.The Dome
14. Giant excavator pit
16.Arctic research base
17.Abandoned military base
19.Large Fishing Village

if you're going to add ratable basis plug-in to this map you're going to need

Spawns database


Custom Spawn Points

the reason why the map is small and because it does not have space 2800 size map with 1 potential points. so you have to customize it yourself 

 [RaidableBases] Grid initialization completed in 12 seconds and 313 milliseconds on a 2800 size map with 1 potential points.


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