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About Volcano Island

Welcome to Volcano Island, a fully custom lightweight Low entity Rust map featuring unique custom monuments and a fully functional above-ground train system! This map is packed full of engaging areas for players to explore and loot while also giving players a familiar feel with vanilla monuments.

This map is designed specifically with a low entity count to help players with low-end pc's from getting major FPS drops.  

Map size: 4250

Prefab Count: 9490

Custom Monuments 

Volcano Reactor
- Red card + fuse puzzle room
- Fuse holder located in control room A
- 1st power switch is located in control room B
- 2nd power switch is located in control room C (must be done in order)
- 1 hackable crate
- 3 diesel can spawns
- 1 Minicopter spawn
- Loads of scientists
(If you fall into the lava you will die )

NukeTown ( OG COD MAP )
- No puzzle Room
- 1 Hackable Crate
- 1 Recycler
- 1 Green Card Spawn
- Multiple Scientists
- 1 diesel can spawn

Cern Collider
- Red card + fuse puzzle room.
- Fuse holder located on the engine connected to the collider
- Power switch located on the opposite side of the fuse holder on the engine
- 1 Hackable crate
- Multiple Scientist

Rusty Race Track
- Blue card + fuse + lowgrade fuel puzzle room
- Generator Located in the workshop (LGF Required)
- Fuse holder is located in the watch tower
- Switch is located on the generator outside on the racetrack
- 1 Red Card spawn
- 1 hackable crate
- 1 recycler
- Multiple scientists
- 1 diesel can spawn

Custom Fishing Village 
- 1 Drone Station 
- 1 Recycler 

Other monuments 

Missile Silo
Train Yard
Launch Site
Giant Excavator
Power Plant
Water treatment Plant
Arctic Research base 
The Dome
Bandit Camp
Mining Outpost
Gas Station
Abandoned Military Base
Abandoned supermarket
Sewer Branch
Oil Rig small + large
Underwater Labs
Underground train tunnels

Please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions If you find any bugs or issues contact me on here or discord and il sort them out straight away @ DocNorris#5423.

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