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Oxidation's Custom Rail Map Size 2022.9.24.1102

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About Oxidation's Custom Rail Map Size

This patch will change the procedural map generation algorithm to include the Trainyard monument and train tracks (railring) on any map size greater or equal to 3500. This works great with maps without the Giant Excavator as it provides a different way for your players to gather resources, use https://rustmaps.com/ to search for some good seeds.

Tested extensively with map size 3650.

This plugin manipulates the limits imposed by Facepunch for the rail ring to generate, rail rings takes a lot of map space. Monuments are placed in a certain order by the map generator, having the rail ring will ultimately mean that  something will be left out due to the lack of space. We have no control over what gets culled.. so when using this plugin some seeds will work better than others.

This is a standalone Harmony patch, Oxide installation is optional.
Copy the Oxidation.CustomRailRingSize.dll file into your HarmonyMods folder and restart your server.

What is Harmony ?
Harmony is a library for patching .NET code during runtime, it directly manipulates game code (CIL) without any additional abstraction layer such as Oxide. The direct patching of the game's byte code allows more performant modding as developers no longer need to rely on third party code, events or hooks to build custom functionality.

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