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UMOD sillyness

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12 hours ago, razorfishsl said:

UMOD is blocking  any referrer links from this domain.


so any links to their sites are blocked , if they come via this site...  which seems like a very childish thing to do.

That is not something new, they did the same thing when it was oximod.org and they make no pretense about it. Wulf has frequently stated this policy. If you want to use any site you have to understand and follow whatever the rules are that are in place whether you like them or no.

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Agreed, it's their respectful right to decline links to 3rd parties. I would hope everyone would respect that to not to draw any unwanted attention or criticism. For us, however, we have no problem with users linking to resources to similar-liking websites.

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On 4/22/2020 at 5:21 PM, razorfishsl said:

 I bow before no man,  I understand your hopes but ,that would infringe my first amendment rights, i'm free to make any remarks criticisms I see fit...

unless  there is something specifically in your T&C that curtails my first amendment rights...


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That would be practicle if the site was in America but as far as i know it is not, You do not have first amendment rights in any other country that is not governed by America in fact first Amendment rights does not give you the right to breach or ignore implied contractural agreements which you should agree to or read under any sites Terms of Use, Regardless you think its ok to post what they dont want , they have the right to remove it and anyone who does it.

Have a Happy New Year


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