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  1. I agree thanks for the update, they all go to sleep when they are supposed to :}
  2. Might not happen on the next map . and still having too much fun with the plugin to start playing around with it, its more like a bit of feedback than anything else, as i said i get the message but the bots ARE there, if they were absent i would worry more about it. Thanks again for a great plugin.
  3. No custom spawn points at all. And i have moved the radius out to 250 and still getting the error message even though the bots are cleary visible ? File Manager > \oxide\data\BotSpawn\default-CustomProfiles.json { "DataProfiles": {}, "MigrationDataDoNotEdit": {} } File Manager > \oxide\data\BotSpawn\default-SpawnsData.json { "CustomSpawnLocations": { "Abandoned Cabins 0": [], "Abandoned Supermarket 0": [], "Abandoned Supermarket 1": [], "Abandoned Supermarket 2": [], "Airfield 0": [], "Bandit Camp 0": [], "G
  4. This is not a new problem , this has happened a few times in the past and you have always given the advise to expand the spawn radius, I will see if i can find a few examples , pity the umod files are no longer available .
  5. Made the radius 215 and still the same. lighthouse is facing a very wide open beach with no obstructions. RustIO map seed 698005706 *right hand side or just type Pal-ul-don in search bar. and as you can see from the picture above there ARE 5 bots spawned. *been watching spawns and notice that they are still not following nightime/daytime spawn settings , tunnel bots should not be there in the daytime and extra (20) bots per biome at night still there as well, if i reload botspawn they go to config settings but that will only last a few "game" days .
  6. That is what i thought but (?) anyway unloaded BS again and changed it to 205 and then loaded it and didnt find any bots on lighthouse1 , unloaded again and made nighttime numbers 15 reloaded and made it 12am, and the shoreline lit up, this lighthouse is offshore so they all spawned on the shore, i killed them all and then waited for daytime and only five showed up which is normal and no error message, killed them and waiting to see if they spawn on time, hows this for funny , now i am getting the error message that there is not enough room for them to spawn (as above) so will miss out on one
  7. Thanks for the quick response, just had a few tries and set the Radius from the sublime (30) to the ridiculous (200) and still the same problem , BUT only with lighthouse 1 ?? is there something new in the .cs file that only seems to effect this monument as i have seen other threads regarding this same lighthouse (all on different maps) BTW. Have a nice Easter and keep away from the Covid
  8. That is the same problem i am getting , i keep checking bots.count in console during the game day and find that the Railway Tunnels and Fishing Villages which are only supposed to be populated at night have the population in the day, and all the nighttime (extra) spawns are up and running (usually towards me) *maybe it is not taking account of server time (?)
  9. I have moved the radius of that monument from 120-130-140 now at 150 and i am still getting that same error message for that same lighthouse, all other monuments are good. its surprising as we are for sure on different maps and now updated to 2.1.5 (thanks for the time fix all my nighttime bots were out in the day) Edit , thought the nighttime numbers spawning in the day was fixed but it only lasted one game day after that they are still hanging around after daytime (0900) started. checked at 12noon and they are still there
  10. pookins


    So are the scientists and other game bots but you can make them lootable with custom loot (i use) and NPC loot (i dont use)
  11. my deadliest bots are in the swamps with pistols, very bad place to go
  12. arm them with auto pistols and see how it goes
  13. pookins

    Not responding

    Seems to be ok now, must have been a glitch, reloaded plugin and restarted server and back to normal

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