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About Halloween Bayou

Based in the deep south on the edge of a swamp lies this house, haunted by zombies and ghosts 
anyone who ventures here looking for loot will only find their death and they too will become 
one with the house and its occupants.

Once placed you can if you wish set up the scene. Place fuel in the lamps, wood in the fire, 
wood in the other items such as fire pits and cauldrons. Also you will find fog machines, place
fuel in them and either switch on or make them motion activated. Also there is a strobe light 
to switch on.

There are a few pressure pads around the place, they will ignite the fires when approached, you 
could say the ghost is doing it and it will switch the cars headlight to full beam.

Finally, please make yourself aware of the TOS-Restrictions for use.

If you have any problems you can contact me as follows
[email protected]



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