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Advanced BattleMetrics Ticket System 1.0.1

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About Advanced BattleMetrics Ticket System

Our Ticket System can be hard to setup at first, with all the added integration and features, you may find setting up things difficult, if this is the case check the tutorials folder for text based tutorials, or visit our Discord server for videos, we will also provide full support through our ticket system.

Key Features

  • Modal ticket questions for responses, allows for passive ticket creation and management.
  • Maximum of 10 different ticket types, with custom styles and options, for a wide variety of support.
  • Fully compatible with ‘Simple Link‘ Discord and Steam linking systems. (More coming in future updates!)
  • Staff statistics, check up on your staff’s performance.
  • Advanced ticket information, expressing any delays or issues with performance.
  • A ‘pending’ channel so that you do not need to open tickets or be worried about ticket spam, you can accept or deny any ticket.
  • Echo integration, a top leading cheater detection tool, fully integrated API for ease of use.
  • Ability to ban/blacklist specific users from making tickets.
  • Proper responses to all messages with clear customizable instructions.
  • Organized ticket structure, offers different embed colors as well as functions that allow for easier visual scanning, with the ability for staff to talk within tickets without users knowing.
  • Customizable ticket permissions, allowing different ticket types to be available to different staff.
  • HTML based and query based transcript system, usable in discord allowing for easy viewing and organized tickets based on closing information.
  • Snippets, allowing staff members with snippet management permissions to create and delete custom snippets saving time on your responses.
  • BattleMetrics and Steam integration, sending information on player bans notes and other features from battlemetrics with server information, know what server the user is on for quicker support. (Access to ‘combatLog’ and ‘clans info’ triggers to easily access this information within the ticket!)
  • Application Commands integration, /m for replying to the use with a custom message, /attachment for sending files and other attachments without needing links.
  • Useful ticket closing feature allowing you to click a button from a message pinned to easily close the ticket, with automated responses and logged reasons.
  • Security measures, specific file types will be sent as links to prevent malware from accidently being opened.
  • Full and detailed error logging to discord, allowing for you to manage and report to your developers or us if you need support.
  • Fully logged infrastructure, easy to read and debug. (Log files + Console logging + Discord logging)
  • Lang file to customize a selection of auto responses and messages.
  • Constant Rate-Limit checking, ensuring you wont be spammed and brought down by either Discord or Cloudflare. (Level of requests have been logged!)
  • Easy to read and customize code structure, free support for developers 24/7 on our Discord server.
  • Coming Soon
  • Staff Statistics (Keep up to date with your staff)
  • Want more features, make sure to post a suggestion on our Discord server!

Advanced BattleMetrics Features

  • Ability to have a players combatLog posted inside of the ticket, allows for easy access to information.
  • Also the ability to add BattleMetrics Notes and Clan Info within the ticket too.
  • Further information on server status, showing the players currently logged into server as well as their active hours/statistics.


  • Ability to find collection within the MongoDB database right from Discord using the /mongodb find command.
  • Ability to drop/delete collections and documents within collections.


  • Ability to get information on different snippets using the /snippets get {identifier} application command.
  • Snippets offer an easier way of communicating with users, faster interactions and quicker response times.
  • Delete snippets you no longer want using the /snippets delete {identifier} application command. You will not be able to delete default snippets within the ‘snippets.json’ file.
  • Create snippets, you can create new snippets using the /snippets create {identifier} {output} application command, improves customization abilities.
  • Ability to create default snippets and customize the output from the snippets.json file. (Many free snippet configurations have been provided!)

How to Install

Make sure that you follow the steps precisely, if you have any issues with the steps, most notably issues with your specific version of either Linux, Mac or Windows please contact us.



  • Download the zip and unpack it to your desired location.
  • Edit the following config files to your specifications. (config.json, tickets.json, snippets.json)
  • Run the ‘start.bat’ file to automatically install all npm modules and start the bot. (Built-in error restart handling)

Linux (UNIX Mac, No support for ARM based CPUs)

  • Download the zip and unpack it to your desired location.
  • Run the ‘start.sh’ file by using the command ‘sh start.sh’, or do the following below.
  • Install the npm modules by navigating to your ticket bot directory using ‘cd’ and running the “npm i” command. This will create a node_modules folder with all the npm modules.
  • Staying in the ticket bot directory, install PM2 by typing the following command, ‘npm i pm2’ then run ‘pm2 start .’

Setting up the Bot

After you have created your bot application on the Discord Developer Portal, make sure you have enabled all of the Privileged Intents in the bot section on the sidebar. You’ll need to invite it to your discord with the correct permissions!

https://discord.com/api/oauth2/authorize?client_id={APPLICATION_ID}&permissions=2147871824&scope=bot applications.commands

Replace the {APPLICATION_ID} with your Bot Application ID found on the Discord Developer Portal under your bots General Information section in the sidebar. Then using this link you can invite the bot.


Can I edit the ‘create-a-ticket’ embed message and divider?
Yes you can, navigate to the ‘events/bot/ready.js’ file, go to lines 30-41 and edit appropriately.


Barkodr (Lead Developer)

RustNite (Bot Idea)

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