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Custom Rust Pterodactyl Egg 1.0.6

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About Custom Rust Pterodactyl Egg


This Pterodactyl Panel egg is a custom made upgraded version of the standard Rust egg that comes with Pterodactyl Panel.


  • Allow more control over what your users can edit in their server information tab. This egg doesn't allow the user to edit the max players, or any of the ports associated with the server installation.
  • Fixes a known bug with Pterodactyl Panel that doesn't allow a Rust Server to connect to the Rust+ App Server run by Facepunch which results in a C# error.
  • Removes the need to specify any start up variables inside of the /server/myrustserver/cfg/server.cfg file. It handles all the variables through Pterodactyl Panel. The end user can specify additional start up variables in the Additional Arguments field in their Startup tab on their server dashboard.
  • (Optional) Downloads and installs the RustEdit DLL file for custom map use during the server installation process automatically
  • (Optional) Downloads and installs the Discord Extention DLL from uMod to allow Discord Webhooks and Plugins to connect via this extension.
  • (Optional) Downloads and installs the Chaos Code Extension for use with K1llY0u's plugins from Chaos Code

Server Variables

  • Server Name
  • Oxide Installation
  • Level
  • Server Description
  • Website URL
  • World Size
  • World Seed
  • Max Players
  • Server Header Image
  • RCON Port
  • RCON Password
  • Save Interval
  • Additional Arguments
  • Rust+ App Port
  • Server Logo
  • Custom Map URL
  • Server Identity
  • Gamemode Selection
  • Rust+ Public IP (Should be set to your node's public IP address)
  • Server Tags

Installation Support

For support or help installing this egg, you can reach out to me via Discord, or by using the Support tab on this page. Once you purchase this egg, you will have support relating to the egg and its installation and functionality for the lifetime of this product.

Installation Instructions can be found in the download, or by visiting this GitHub Gist: https://gist.github.com/JDsWebService/70cbdfffb625f388c450318292b3e381

Security Notice

Security Note: This egg uses the standard Rust docker image that ships with Pterodactyl Panel. This will prevent any security issues from arising due to custom docker containers. Whenever you run a custom docker container, unless you decompile the container itself and look at what its installing, you can never really be sure about the security of it. So stay clear of any Pterodactyl eggs that use custom docker containers.

Optional Addons

Ideally you should be pairing this egg with a Rust Auto Wipe Pterodactyl Panel specific addon. I would suggest using this addon made by UndercoverNL. I have personally bought and used this addon, and this guys Customer Service is amazing! Very easy to use instructions to set up the addon as well.


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