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Raidable Bases (Pack #1) 1.0.1

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About Raidable Bases (Pack #1)



5 Easy Bases

5 Medium Bases

5 Hard Bases


All bases have boxes, furnaces, lockers, bags, drop boxes, vending machines, and more inside so you don't have to populate the loot locations yourself!


Installation Instructions

1. Extract the files in the `Bases` folder into your `oxide/data/copypaste` folder. Do not copy the folder itself into the copypaste folder, just the files.

2. Run the following commands in your console. This will import the files into your Raidable Bases plugin with the appropriate difficulty levels. Run each line below as its own command. If you have purchased any of my other packs, there is no reason to rename any of the files as each file has a unique name associated with the base.


rb.config add "Easy Bases" BCF-Easy-1 BCF-Easy-2 BCF-Easy-3 BCF-Easy-4 BCF-Easy-5

rb.config add "Medium Bases" BCF-Medium-1 BCF-Medium-2 BCF-Medium-3 BCF-Medium-4 BCF-Medium-5

rb.config add "Hard Bases" BCF-Hard-1 BCF-Hard-2 BCF-Hard-3 BCF-Hard-4 BCF-Hard-5



For a more detailed guide on how to use Raidable Bases please visit Rust Admin Academy's YouTube video which can be found below!


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