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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.1.5


    Better Metabolism plugin allows you to break the limits of maximum calories/hydration. Video Preview (Version 1.0.0) Features It is different than other plugins that allows you changing your food bar, because: Your hunger/thirst values doesn't reset to default RUST max values on server's restart. You can set up different values for start and maximum calories/hydration. Very light plugin, that does only what it needs. You can set up custom max health. (Works with RUST teas!) Permissions Plugin is based on permission system from config. The default permissions are bettermetabolism.default and bettermetabolism.vip but they can be changed to whatever you want. Default Config (Version 1.1.1) { "Enable Max Health Option": true, "Increase health to tea level (true) or increase health by tea value (false)": false, "Metabolism Permissions": { "bettermetabolism.default": { "Health": 60.0, "Max Health": 100.0, "Max Calories": 500.0, "Calories": 250.0, "Max Hydration": 250.0, "Hydration": 100.0 }, "bettermetabolism.vip": { "Health": 100.0, "Max Health": 100.0, "Max Calories": 1000.0, "Calories": 600.0, "Max Hydration": 250.0, "Hydration": 100.0 } } }
  2. Version 1.0.0


    When NPC and players are killed, restore health and quench thirst and hunger Properties Health is added when a different player or NPC is killed Hunger and thirst, health will begin to increase entirely equal to 100 per kill. Permissions pluspvp.use - authorization to use the plugin Configuration you can set the values to be added per kill from the configuration file { "Calorie Increase": 50.0, "Health Increase": 10.0, "Hydration Increase": 50.0 }


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