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The Oasis of Crossroads - TDM Arena Version 1.0.0

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About The Oasis of Crossroads - TDM Arena Version

Team Death Match Arena--Medium sized
Little control checkpoint before a road tunnel, that grew out to a small hub with a train station, supermarket and gas station.

Prefab Count: 4376
        -structures: 1519
        -props: 1541
        -cubes, volumes: 898

The original island is a bit big(5x5), so i added a SIV (Small Island Version) which is around (3x3), for those that dont have much space.
Also includes NLV (NoLightsVersion) without any lights that are on all the time, for those servers that dont allow players lobbies to change between day and night.

For original intended spawn locations for the 2 teams, check included image for the green and orange spots:
 =Last image in row
    1-between that truck, car and checkpoint
    2-under the roofed bicycle parkings behind the station

Arena spawn height:


For a monument version of this arena
 -Coming soon

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