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Overgrown Vulcano - *UKN 2020 Terrain Arenas-Originals-Revamped* 1.0.0

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About Overgrown Vulcano - *UKN 2020 Terrain Arenas-Originals-Revamped*

This is a tropical arena, a mixture of temperate and arid, once this was a towering stratovolcano,
  until the single eruption blowing away most of the cone,
now a subtropical little paradise, on the now dormant volcano.

2 in 1 arena:
Wall-to-Wall    - If players want to mostly just shoot from a spawn wall to a spawn wall, the mountain side of the arena is a perfect area to do so.
Shoot Hide/Seek - If they like to run, hide and shoot on each other, they can do so on the ocean side of this arena.

Changes 2020 to Revamped;

This one also got a bigger revamping, better texturing, lots more rocks for cover on one side of the arena, still open on the other side

Use info;

Biome:           Tropical  -  (mixture of Temperate/Arid)
Prefab Count:       839

Arena spawn heights; 
Y:                        -0.053

Arena got the following Modifiers:

(This is one the original Arenas I've done for UKN in 2020, after the HDRP update they got a bit broken as they are mostly cliffs as prefabs. I've replaced all rocks amd reshaped/restyled the terrains where need.)

*Its part of the UKN 2020 Terrain Arenas-Originals-Revamped-Bundle which you can get with a discount.*

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