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7 Custom Places To Build A Base By Shemov 1.0.0

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About 7 Custom Places To Build A Base By Shemov

There are  7 custom places to build a base 

Do you want to get a unique and high-quality set to improve the game map in RUST? Then our new product is just for you! With the help of our set of 7 custom places for the construction of the base, players will be able to realize their wildest ideas, creating the best defensive structures and places for storing resources. The plots are taken into account in the most amazing details, which will allow you to play at the highest level and attract new players to the server. If you want to add interest to the game and make your gaming experience more vivid and exciting, then our set is just for you!


  • Simple installing on your map;
  • Interesting places;
  • Low prefabs count;
  • High FPS.
  • Places can be used on all biomes ( arctic too ).

General info:

1st place[ 10CustomPlace1 ]:

  • Prefabs count: 416
  • Modifiers: Height&Splat&Topology

2nd place[ 10CustomPlace2 ]:

  • Prefabs count: 95
  • Modifiers: Height&Splat&Topology

3rd place[ 10CustomPlace3 ]:

  • Prefabs count: 135
  • Modifiers: Aplha&Height&Splat&Topology

4th place[ 10CustomPlace4 ]:

  • Prefabs count: 143
  • Modifiers: none

5th place[ 10CustomPlace5 ]:

  • Prefabs count: 510
  • Modifiers: Alpha&Height&Splat&Topology

6th place[ 10CustomPlace6 ]:

  • Prefabs count: 57
  • Modifiers: Alpha&Height&Splat&Topology

7th place[ 10CustomPlace7 ]:

  • Prefabs count: 435
  • Modifiers: Height&Splat&Topology

Other works:



You may like to take a look at a full finished maps by myself. 

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