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About Turrets Reborn

Possibility to fill turrets with guns and ammo with just 1 command!!!
Allows players to toggle all owned turrets/sams at once, without the need of electricity.
it also has on / off options.
Meaning if you do /turrets on, all turrets in range go on, regardless of state.
players with permissions can instantly fill all turrets with guns and/or ammo.

(no more running around the base adding weapons and ammo in the turrets, sams or traps)

(no power needed!!!)
sams will be instant on when placing ( so no more forgetting to put sams on )


Support for Clans (Free and Premium Versions) and Friends


/turrets info will give you a list of all permissions and info

/turret - Will toggle the turret you looking at         
/turret on - Will put the turret you looking at on
/turret off - Will put the turret you looking at off

/turrets - Will toggle all turrets
/turrets on - Will put all turrets in range of TC on
/turrets off - Will put all turrets in range of TC off

/turrets fill <number> - Fills all turrets with the default 5.56 rifle bullets
/turrets fill <number> <ammo type> - Fills all turrets with the specified ammo type
/turrets fill <gun name> - Fills all empty turrets with the specified gun
/turrets clear ammo - Clears all types of ammo from turrets and gives it back to inventory
/turrets clear guns - Clears all types of guns and gives it back to inventory
/turrets clear guns <gun name> - Clears all turrets of the specified gun and gives it back to inventory
/sams - Turns all sams off, if run again turns all sams on
/sams clear - Clears sam bullets and gives it back to inventory
/sams fill <number> - Fills sams with bullets

/traps fill <number> - Fills shotgun traps with handmade shells
/traps clear - Clears shotgun traps shells and gives it back to inventory
GunTypes: ak47, python, bolt, custom, db, l96, lr, m249, m39, m92, mp5, pump, revolver, eoka, p2, thompson, waterpipe, spas, semi, grenadelauncher, rocketlauncher

AmmoTypes: incen, 556, hv, rocket, hvrocket, incenrocket, pistol, pistolhv, pistolincen, buckshot, slug, buckshotincen, handmade, he, smoke, buckshotgrenade

PS: All /turrets options only work if in range of TC and wil work on config distance from your TC ,
so if put on 10 ,  and then do /turrets on it wil only do 10 mtr away from the TC
personaly i put this on 100 


turrets.showvipinfo – Permission to show compleet info section, even if they dont have the actual permission, (good for letting non vip know what they missing out on if using it on groups 
turrets.normal – Permission to use the basic /turret and /sams option ( on/off etc)
turrets.turrets – Permission to use /turrets (will alow player to turn all turrets in range on or of 
turrets.extra – Permission to use fill and clear options

if weapons added in config
turrets.(shortcode) – Permission to use (shortcode) inside turrets


This plugin will also add ammo inside outpost sentry turrets if you use a plugin that uses them 
the outpost turrets themselfs are not part of this plugin (yet)


future plans:
language files
adding switch
making a UI for it
adding more options 

trying to make this the best turret plugin in rust !
many thanks to 
0xf for helping me with some of the coding


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