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About Trading Platform

A trading platform is a place where players can display their items for currency on your server.





Beautiful and convenient plugin menu.

Setting up for each economy plugin

The choice of using the site is via a computer or a command.

Personal discounts for privileges

Setting up a commission when selling an item

Optimization of the plugin.

Setting up Item dropout

Setting up items that cannot be put up for sale.


Video Review:

(The video showed the main functionality of the plugin.)




  "Permission to use the command": "trading.use",
  "Commission when putting up for sale ( as a percentage )": 0,
  "How many items can a player put up for sale?": 10,
  "Personal discount for the player": 0,
  "Use Notify ? ( https://codefling.com/plugins/notify )": false,
  "Number of lots for privileges": {
    "tradingplatform.vip": 12,
    "tradingplatform.premium": 15
  "Personal discount for privileges": {
    "tradingplatform.vip": 5,
    "tradingplatform.premium": 8
  "Items that cannot be put up for sale ( specify shortname )": [
  "Settings Economy": {
    "Plugin name": "Economics",
    "Balance add hook": "Deposit",
    "Balance remove hook": "Withdraw",
    "Balance show hook": "Balance"
  "Configuration the main functionality of the plugin": {
    "Open the menu on command, or a Targeting Computer?": false,
    "Commands": [
    "SkinID Computer": 2579648615,
    "DisplayName Computer": "Trading Computer",
    "Should I turn on the sound when using Computer ?": true,
    "Sound effect": "assets/prefabs/npc/autoturret/effects/online.prefab",
    "Setting up the dropout Computer": [
        "PrefabName": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_normal.prefab",
        "Chance": 100,
        "Enabled": true
        "PrefabName": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/loot_barrel_2.prefab",
        "Chance": 100,
        "Enabled": true
  "Verison Configuration": {
    "Major": 1,
    "Minor": 0,
    "Patch": 0


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