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Simple Ban (UI Ban) 1.0.0

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About Simple Ban (UI Ban)

This plugin will allow you to sanction users without the need to kick them from the server.
Ideal for situations in which you need the user to contact you through discord or any other platform. The user can NOT interact with the server. Possibility of customizing everything that the user will see on the interface.

Available chat commands:

  • /uiban <steamid> <reason>
  • /unuiban <steamid>

Console commands available:

  • uiban <steamid>
  • unuiban <steamid>

Permissions available:

  • uiban.ban - Allows you to use the available chat commands.

Available placeholders to use in configuration:

  • {name} - Username.
  • {reason} - Established reason for the interface sanction.
  • {date} - Date on which the sanction was carried out.
  • {created_by} - Administrator who performed the sanction against the user.

Config file:

  "Title": "ATTENTION!",
  "Title color": "#FF0000",
  "Title Anchor Min": "0 0.5028116",
  "Title Anchor Max": "1 0.8997387",
  "Description": "{name}, your ability to interact with the server has been restricted.\n\nInformation about the sanction\nReason: {reason}\nDate: {date}\nSanctioned by {created_by}\n\nGet in touch with us via Discord\n↓↓↓\n<color=#5865F2>discord.gg/example</color>",
  "Description default color": "#FFFFFF",
  "Description Anchor Min": "0 0",
  "Description Anchor Max": "1 1",
  "Date format": "MM.dd.yyyy",
  "Can the user take damage while they have a active ban?": true,
  "Delete banned user's inventory?": false

Lang file:

  "playerNotFound": "Player not found!",
  "playerDisconnected": "The player is not in the game!",
  "banPermanent": "You banned player {0}\nReason: {1}",
  "NFound": "Sorry, but this player was not found, or the player is offline",
  "nPermission": "You do not have permission to execute this command",
  "Args": "You are entering the command incorrectly, example: /uiban NAME/STEAMID Reason",
  "IsBanned": "Player already banned",
  "nFoudsBans": "The player is not on the ban list",
  "UnBanned": "Ban removed from player {0}"


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