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RustApp Lite 1.0.3

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About RustApp Lite

RustAppLite - is a simple plugin from RustApp.IO that allows you to get reports on players in Discord, using a nicely designed interface or F7.


To ensure that players' avatars are loaded correctly, it is necessary to enable the storage of player avatars and specify the Steam API Key in the ImageLibrary configuration!

Need Help?
Any issues feel free to contact us here: t.me/rustapp_help


  "[UI] Chat commands": [
  "[UI] Report reasons": [
  "[UI] Cooldown between reports (seconds)": 300,
  "[UI] Auto-parse reports from F7 (ingame reports)": true,
  "[Discord] Webhook to send reports": "https://discord.com/api/webhooks/...",
  "[Discord-Translations] Nickname field": "Nickname",
  "[Discord-Translations] Reason field": "Reason",
  "[Discord-Translations] Comment field": "Comment",
  "[Discord-Translations] Report sent text": "Report sent"

Default Language:

  "Header.Find": "FIND PLAYER",
  "Header.SubDefault": "Who do you want to report?",
  "Header.SubFindResults": "Here are players, which we found",
  "Header.SubFindEmpty": "No players was found",
  "Header.Search": "Search",
  "Header.Search.Placeholder": "Enter nickname/steamid",
  "Subject.Head": "Select the reason for the report",
  "Subject.SubHead": "For player %PLAYER%",
  "Cooldown": "Wait %TIME% sec.",
  "Sent": "Report succesful sent"
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