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Random VIP Giver 1.0.0

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About Random VIP Giver

Random VIP Giver Plugin Documentation 📝

Overview 🌐

The Random VIP Giver plugin is designed to randomly assign VIP status to players on the server.


Permissions 🔒

  • randomvipgiver.admin: This permission allows the user to manually trigger the VIP assignment process.

Commands 🖥️

  • /givemanualvip: This command manually triggers the VIP assignment process. The assigned VIP counts towards the daily limit.
  • /givefreemanualvip: This command manually triggers the VIP assignment process. The assigned VIP does not count towards the daily limit.

Configuration ⚙️

  • MaxVIPPerDay: The maximum number of VIPs that can be assigned per day.
  • VIPGroups: A list of VIP groups that can be assigned to players.
  • VIPGroupDisplayNames: A list of display names corresponding to the VIP groups.
  • AddGroupCommand: The command used to add a player to a group.
  • SayCommand: The command used to send a message to the server.
  • VIPMessage: The message sent to the server when a player is assigned VIP.
  • MinDays: The minimum number of days a player can be assigned VIP.
  • MaxDays: The maximum number of days a player can be assigned VIP.
  • MinInterval: The minimum interval (in minutes) between VIP assignments.
  • MaxInterval: The maximum interval (in minutes) between VIP assignments.

                MaxVIPPerDay = 3,
                VIPGroups = new List<string> { "metal", "stone", "wooden" },
                VIPGroupDisplayNames = new List<string> { "<color=#ffeb00>Metal</color>", "<color=#a9ff00>Stone</color>", "<color=#ffae00>Wooden</color>" },
                AddGroupCommand = "addgroup",
                SayCommand = "say",
                VIPMessage = ":heart: <color=#ef233c>[Giveaway]</color> <color=#55AAFF>{player}</color> won a {vipGroup} VIP in a random draw for {days} days!",
                MinDays = 1,
                MaxDays = 3,
                MinInterval = 60,
                MaxInterval = 480

Functionality 🚀

The plugin automatically schedules VIP assignments at random intervals within the configured range. When a VIP assignment is triggered, a random player is selected and assigned a random VIP group for a random number of days. The assignment is announced to the server with a message.

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