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Command Skin Changer 1.0.4

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About Command Skin Changer

🔥 What's "Command Skin Changer"? 🔥

"Command Skin Changer" is the ultimate tool for Rust players who crave unique item skins. Whether you're an admin on a community server or a player, this plugin empowers you to take command of your in-game style.

✨ Key Features ✨

  • 🔧 Easy Customization: Simply use the /skin command followed by the item name or skin ID to transform your gear.
  • 🌟 Limitless Possibilities: Tailor your server's skin options by configuring your desired skins and alternative names in the plugin's config.
  • 🚀 No UI Required: Say goodbye to complex user interfaces – it's all done with commands!

🔑 Permissions 🔑

commandskinchanger.use: Grants access to the /skin command.

💬 Chat Commands 💬

  • /skin <Name or Skin ID>: Change the skin of the item in your hand.
  • /skinall <Name or Skin ID>: Skin all items in the inventory, hotbar and on the character. At the same time, if the name of a series of skins is specified (Ex. Blackout), the skin will be applied to all items regardless of whether they are clothing or weapons.
  • /skinset <Name>:  Saves the player's favorite skin and allows them to place their favorite skin on an item using the /skin command.
  • Functionality to send a command through the server console.
    • Command: skinall <Steam ID> <Item ID> <Skin name or ID>


🔗 Bind to Your Preferences 🔗

  • bind <key> "chat.say "/skin <Name or Skin ID>""

Upgrade your Rust experience today with "Command Skin Changer" – the ultimate tool for skin customization! 💪🎮

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