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One Time Rewards 1.0.1

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About One Time Rewards

The OneTimeRewards plugin is designed to provide a one-time reward system for players. It allows server administrators to define a reward group and assign a specific item as a reward to the members of this group. The reward can be claimed by the players using a specific command. Once a player claims their reward, they are removed from the group, ensuring that the reward can only be claimed once.

This works well with tebex or other store integration. Just add: When the package is purchased = o.usergroup add {id} groupname
For example, you can offer 5 airdrops for x dollars. After the purchase, the player can claim it once via a command. If they buy another, they can claim it again.

The plugin is configurable, allowing the server administrators to set the group name, item name, item amount, command name, and the success and failure messages.

Usage Instructions

Configuration: Configure the plugin by setting the following parameters in the oxide/config file:
- GroupName: The name of the group that is eligible for the reward.
- ItemName: The name of the item to be given as a reward.
- ItemAmount: The quantity of the item to be given.
- ItemSkinID: The Skin ID of the item to be given as a reward.
- CommandName: The command that players need to use to claim the reward.
- SuccessMessage: The message displayed to the player upon successful reward claim.
- FailureMessage: The message displayed to the player if they are not eligible for the reward.

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