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Money Printer 1.0.1

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About Money Printer


Elevate your Rust server's economy with the dynamic MoneyPrinter plugin. Dive into a unique gameplay dimension where players are empowered to craft, operate, and manage their very own money printing machines.

The core of this plugin offers players the opportunity to generate in-game currency or specific items, carefully balancing risk and reward. While the plugin operates, specific details and statuses are elegantly displayed in the chat, ensuring players are always informed about their printing operations. Moreover, every element of the plugin, including the type of currency or item produced, is completely adjustable by server administrators, guaranteeing a customized gameplay experience.

Key Features:

● Compatible CARBON

● Innovative Currency Generation: Players can install and operate money printing machines, introducing a new economic dimension to Rust.

● Total Customization: Server administrators can modify every aspect of the plugin, including the type and amount of money or specific items generated, as well as production rates.

● Dynamic Risk-Reward System: The longer a machine operates, the higher the potential rewards and inherent risks, introducing levels of strategy and decision-making.

● Chat Notifications: Real-time notifications keep players informed of printing speed, accumulated money, and machine status.

● Intuitive GUI Interface: An interactive menu allows players to view and enhance their machine stats.

Update Highlights:

● Extended Permissions: Assign permissions for each type of action, offering precise control over the functionalities accessible by players.

    - moneyprinter.GiveMoneyPrinter: Allows a player to give a money printer to themselves or a specified player.

    - moneyprinter.UpgradeMoneyPrinter: Grants the ability to upgrade money printers, optimizing their performance and profitability.

    - moneyprinter.CheckPrinterLevel: Enables players to check the level of their money printers.

    - moneyprinter.ShowInfoMoneyPrinter: Allows for viewing detailed information about the money printers.

    - moneyprinter.RemoveMoneyPrinter: Provides the ability to remove money printers.

    - moneyprinter.GiveDirtyMoney: Allows a player to give dirty money to others.

● Indestructible Option: Make money printers indestructible via the configuration file.

● Item Customization: Define the item, name, and SkinID for both dirty and clean money.

● Specific Item Name: Name the IMPRIMANTE À BILLETS item as you wish.

● Multilingual Support: All plugin texts are now available in English and French thanks to the addition of a language file.

● ZoneManager: Set up specific zones where printers can be placed.


● /givemoneyprinter <PlayerName>: Gives a money printer to yourself or a specified player (requires moneyprinter.GiveMoneyPrinter permission).

● /givedirtymoney <PlayerName> <Amount>: Gives dirty money (requires moneyprinter.GiveDirtyMoney permission).

● /removemoneyprinter: Removes your money printer (requires moneyprinter.RemoveMoneyPrinter permission and must be used while looking at the money printer).

● /moneyprinter: Displays available commands based on permissions.

● /upgrademoneyprinter: Upgrade your money printer to optimize its performance and profitability (requires moneyprinter.UpgradeMoneyPrinter permission).

Coming Soon:

● Future additions of light and sound during money generation, specific notifications, printer placement options, and more to enrich your experience with MoneyPrinter.

Config File

  "CleanMoneyCustomName": "Clean Money",
  "CleanMoneyItem": "researchpaper",
  "CleanMoneySkinId": "2572099660",
  "CustomPrinterName": "Money Printer",
  "DirtyMoneyCustomName": "Dirty Money",
  "DirtyMoneyItem": "researchpaper",
  "DirtyMoneySkinId": "3021805080",
  "Levels": [
      "ConversionRate": 0.6,
      "Level": 2,
      "MaxStack": 250,
      "ProcessingTime": 10.0,
      "UpgradeCost": {
        "Amount": 0,
        "Item": "researchpaper",
        "ItemUpgradeSkin": "3021805080",
        "UpgradeCost": 5000
      "ConversionRate": 0.7,
      "Level": 3,
      "MaxStack": 500,
      "ProcessingTime": 15.0,
      "UpgradeCost": {
        "Amount": 0,
        "Item": "researchpaper",
        "ItemUpgradeSkin": "3021805080",
        "UpgradeCost": 5500
      "ConversionRate": 0.8,
      "Level": 4,
      "MaxStack": 1000,
      "ProcessingTime": 20.0,
      "UpgradeCost": {
        "Amount": 40,
        "Item": "researchpaper",
        "ItemUpgradeSkin": "3021805080",
        "UpgradeCost": 25000
      "ConversionRate": 0.9,
      "Level": 5,
      "MaxStack": 2500,
      "ProcessingTime": 25.0,
      "UpgradeCost": {
        "Amount": 50,
        "Item": "researchpaper",
        "ItemUpgradeSkin": "3021805080",
        "UpgradeCost": 50000
  "PrinterIndestructible": false,
  "UseZones": false,
  "ZoneIDs": []

Translate File EN : 

  "NoPermission": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nYou do not have permission to use this command.",
  "PlayerNotFound": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nNo player found with the name: {0}",
  "GivenPrinter": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nYou have given a money printer to {0}.",
  "PrinterCreationError": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nError while creating the money printer.",
  "AvailableCommandsHeader": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nAvailable commands for MoneyPrinter:",
  "GiveMoneyPrinterCmd": "/givemoneyprinter <playername> - Gives a money printer to the specified player.",
  "UpgradeMoneyPrinterCmd": "/upgrademoneyprinter - Upgrades your money printer.",
  "CheckPrinterLevelCmd": "/checkprinterlevel - Checks the level of your money printer.",
  "ShowInfoMoneyPrinterCmd": "/showinfomoneyprinter - Displays information about your money printer.",
  "RemoveMoneyPrinterCmd": "/removemoneyprinter - Removes your money printer.",
  "GiveDirtyMoneyCmd": "/givedirtymoney <playername> <amount> - Gives dirty money to the specified player.",
  "NoUpgradePermission": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nYou do not have permission to upgrade.",
  "ConfigError": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nConfiguration error.",
  "MaxLevelReached": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nYour printer has reached its maximum potential.\n\nNo further upgrades are possible.",
  "UpgradeCostInfo": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\n<size=15>Upgrade cost: <color=#E0412D>{0} €</color> (<color=#E0412D>ILLEGAL</color>)</size>\n\n<size=14>(You must have <color=#E0412D>DIRTY MONEY</color> in your inventory.)</size>",
  "PrinterLevelUp": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nYOU HAVE UNLOCKED <color=#3CFF57>LEVEL {0} OF THE PRINTER</color>\n\n<color=#3CFF57>PRINTER UPGRADED</color>\n\nPROCESSING TIME | <color=#FF8912>{1} SECONDS</color>\nAMOUNT PROCESSED | <color=#FF8912>{2} € </color>(<color=#E0412D>DIRTY MONEY</color>)\nSUCCESS RATE | <color=#FF8912>{3}%</color>",
  "LookAtPrinter": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nPlease look at your printer.",
  "NotSetUp": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nYou have not set up this printer yet.",
  "SuccessRemove": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nYour money printer was successfully removed.",
  "PrinterInfo": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>MONEY PRINTER</color></size>\n\nPROCESSING TIME | <color=#FF8912>{0} SECONDS</color>\nAMOUNT PROCESSED | <color=#FF8912>{1} € </color>(<color=#E0412D>DIRTY MONEY</color>)\nSUCCESS RATE | <color=#FF8912>{2}%</color>\n\n<size=14>PRINTER : <color=#3CFF57>LEVEL {3}</color></size>",
  "UpgradeButton": "UPGRADE",
  "InfoButton": "INFORMATION"

Translate File FR : 

  "NoPermission": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nVous n'avez pas la permission d'utiliser cette commande.",
  "PlayerNotFound": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nAucun joueur trouvé avec le nom: {0}",
  "GivenPrinter": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nVous avez donné une imprimante d'argent à {0}.",
  "PrinterCreationError": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nErreur lors de la création de l'imprimante d'argent.",
  "AvailableCommandsHeader": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nCommandes disponibles pour MoneyPrinter:",
  "GiveMoneyPrinterCmd": "/givemoneyprinter <nomdujoueur> - Donne une imprimante d'argent au joueur spécifié.",
  "UpgradeMoneyPrinterCmd": "/upgrademoneyprinter - Améliore votre imprimante d'argent.",
  "CheckPrinterLevelCmd": "/checkprinterlevel - Vérifie le niveau de votre imprimante d'argent.",
  "ShowInfoMoneyPrinterCmd": "/showinfomoneyprinter - Affiche des informations sur votre imprimante d'argent.",
  "RemoveMoneyPrinterCmd": "/removemoneyprinter - Supprime votre imprimante d'argent.",
  "GiveDirtyMoneyCmd": "/givedirtymoney <nomdujoueur> <montant> - Donne de l'argent sale au joueur spécifié.",
  "NoUpgradePermission": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nVous n'avez pas la permission d'améliorer.",
  "ConfigError": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nErreur de configuration.",
  "MaxLevelReached": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nVotre imprimante a atteint son potentiel maximum.\n\nAucune autre amélioration n'est possible.",
  "UpgradeCostInfo": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\n<size=15>Coût de l'amélioration: <color=#E0412D>{0} €</color> (<color=#E0412D>ILLÉGAL</color>)</size>\n\n<size=14>(Vous devez avoir de <color=#E0412D>L'ARGENT SALE</color> dans votre inventaire.)</size>",
  "PrinterLevelUp": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nVOUS AVEZ DÉBLOQUÉ LE <color=#3CFF57>NIVEAU {0} DE L'IMPRIMANTE</color>\n\n<color=#3CFF57>AMÉLIORATION EFFECTUÉE SUR L'IMPRIMANTE</color>\n\nTEMPS DE TRAITEMENT | <color=#FF8912>{1} SECONDES</color>\nQUANTITÉ TRAITÉE | <color=#FF8912>{2} € </color>(<color=#E0412D>ARGENT SALE</color>)\nTAUX DE RÉUSSITE | <color=#FF8912>{3}%</color>",
  "LookAtPrinter": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nVeuillez regarder votre imprimante.",
  "NotSetUp": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nVous n'avez pas encore configuré cette imprimante.",
  "SuccessRemove": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nVotre imprimante d'argent a été supprimée avec succès.",
  "PrinterInfo": "<size=16><color=#FF8912>IMPRIMANTE D'ARGENT</color></size>\n\nTEMPS DE TRAITEMENT | <color=#FF8912>{0} SECONDES</color>\nQUANTITÉ TRAITÉE | <color=#FF8912>{1} € </color>(<color=#E0412D>ARGENT SALE</color>)\nTAUX DE RÉUSSITE | <color=#FF8912>{2}%</color>\n\n<size=14>IMPRIMANTE : <color=#3CFF57>NIVEAU {3}</color></size>",
  "UpgradeButton": "AMÉLIORER",
  "InfoButton": "INFORMATION"

If you encounter a problem or have ideas for improvements, don't hesitate.

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