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Leap's Simple Anti-Offline 1.3


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About Leap's Simple Anti-Offline

Dead simple plugin that prevents (or discourages) offline raiding.

Most anti-offline plugins are exceedingly complex and require excessive configuration to get up and running. You want simple configuration and setup, and your players want simple rules that everyone can understand.

Rules for determining "raidability" are as follows:
• If any player authorized on the TC within the past 48 hours is online, the base will be raidable
• If a raid has begun while any player authorized on the TC within the past 48 hours is online, the base will remain raidable even if those players disconnect
• After a configurable amount of time, if there is no no raid activity (explosives, melee, etc) the base will become unraidable as long as all players authorized on the TC in the last 48 hours are offline

The cooldown time essentially works to prevent "combat logging," a scenario in which a player would see that they are being raided and decide to disconnect in order to protect their base.

Commands are as follows:
• /raidstatus - shows raidability of base that you are looking at

Permissions are as follows:
• leapsantioffline.raidstatus - allows use of /raidstatus command
• leapsantioffline.raidstatus.owners - allows player to see base owners (and if they are online) in /raidstatus command
• leapsantioffline.raidstatus.cooldown - allows player to see offline cooldown in /raidstatus command
• leapsantioffline.bypass - allows player to bypass base protection

Configuration is simple but flexible. Protection can be specified as a percentage (from 0.0 to 1.0) on a per-damage-type basis. Raid cooldown and chat messages are also configurable. Default configuration is shown below:

  "RaidCooldown": 120,
  "CupboardCooldown": 172800,
  "Messages": {
    "BaseIsProtected": "This structure is protected, <color=#c0c0c0ff>%DamageType%</color> attacks will yield <color=#c0c0c0ff>%DamageScale%</color> damage",
    "NotLookingAtStructure": "You are not looking at a structure",
    "PermissionDenied": "<color=#cc5b5bff>You do not have permission to use that command</color>"
  "ProtectedDamage": {
    "ExplosionScale": 0.25,
    "MeleeScale": 1.0,
    "FireScale": 0.5,
    "BulletScale": 0.5,
    "NPCScale": 0.0
  "UnprotectedDamage": {
    "ExplosionScale": 1.0,
    "MeleeScale": 1.0,
    "FireScale": 1.0,
    "BulletScale": 1.0,
    "NPCScale": 1.0

CupboardCooldown: the amount of time (in seconds) after de-authorizing required for a player to no longer be considered a base owner.

ProtectedDamage types are as follows (technical):
• ExplosionScale - Explosion, Blunt
• MeleeScale - Slash, Stab, Arrow
• FireScale - Heat
• BulletScale - Bullet
• NPCScale - NPC Prefabs

If you have any questions, or would like a demo, don't hesitate to DM me or reach out directly (https://gardna.net/).

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