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Custom BradleyAI 1.3.7

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About Custom BradleyAI

Custom Bradley will disable default Bradley at Launch Site and add NPC Trader on it which would spawn APC for your playres. Including vanilla Bradley profile with no restrictions and three additional Profiles.

Preview video:



Profiles and LootTables are stored in /oxide/data/CustomBradley and /oxide/data/CustomBradley/Loot


Player buying order(first of):

  • give players permission for free use
  • Economics cost
  • ServerRewards cost


What is different?

It is highly customizable and provides settings for:

  • bradley:
  • HP and recieved damage
  • Cooldown for next call
  • Duration to kill and separate duration to loot
  • can be locked for caller and his/her team (PvE option)
  • profiles with settings and separate loot tables (if not specified vanilla loot is used)
  • view range bradley can see targets at


  • rockets:
  • Napalm(one every x seconds, don't drop players fps) and Basic Rockets in addition to vanilla Cannon shells
  • flight speed (make them slow or make them whoosh)
  • explosion radius AND penetration (no more hiding behind wall, damage scales down with distance)
  • homing missiles (shoot verticaly up then to target(s))
  • delay between bursts, amount of shells in one burst and delay between each shell


  • machinegun:
  • max. distance bradley will use machinegun (vanilla is 40m)
  • delay between bursts, amount of bullets per burst and delay between each shot
  • bullet damage


  • behavior:
  • how long will bradley stay at one place
  • adds industrial door to block "safe zone" at vehicle control point near big Rocket (opens depends on settings)
  • prevent bradley from hunting players down and be easy targeted from roof
  • HeatVision! - bradley will see through walls and buildings and try to shoot there
  • chance to pass vehicle control point "safe zone" (set it 0 and it won't ever drive through)
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