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Building Symmetry 1.0.15

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About Building Symmetry

This plugin introduces symmetry features to streamline construction and upgrade processes. Choose from various symmetry shapes, including Square, Triangle, and Hexagon, and select symmetry types such as Normal2Sided, Normal3Sided, Normal4Sided, and Normal6Sided. Automatically mirror building actions across symmetrical axes for efficient base design and upgrades, including automatic building shape detection for Square, Triangular or Hexagonal bases, it has a user-friendly interface to enhance your building experience in Rust. Seamlessly toggle between symmetry shapes and types with the intuitive UI, providing precise control over your construction projects.


Symmetry Features:
* Support for Square, Triangle, and Hexagon symmetry shapes.
* Choose between Normal2Sided, Normal3Sided, Normal4Sided and Normal6Sided symmetry types.
* Mirror building and upgrade actions across symmetrical axes.
* "R" Key + Hammer in hand -> removal tool. (Remove the entity/structure you're looking at).

UI Features:
* Shape Selection: Easily switch between Square, Triangle, and Hexagon symmetry shapes.
* Type Selection: Choose from Normal2Sided, Normal3Sided, Normal4Sided and Normal6Sided symmetry types. (Depends on the symmetry shape.)
* Enable and Disable symmetry
* Reset Symmetry: Reset the symmetry information (shape, type, position)
* Show center: Display the symmetry center.


Chat Commands:
* /sym_ui: Enable/Disable symmetry UI (Enabled by default).

Console Commands:
* sym_reset: Reset the symmetry information.
* sym_shape: Change the symmetry shape.
* sym_type: Change the symmetry type.
* sym_displaycenter: Display the symmetry center position.
* sym_status: Enable or Disable symmetry.
* sym_ui_pos: Allow players to move the UI position freely.
* sym_ui_reset: Reset the UI position to default position.



Oxide: o.grant <user/group> <name/id> symmetry.use
Carbon: c.grant <user/group> <name/id> symmetry.use


  "Removal Tool (Def: true)": true,
  "Open Symmetry UI on Connect (Def: true)": true,
  "Symmetrical Upgrade (Def: true)": true,
  "UI Menu X Position (def: 0)": 0.0,
  "UI Menu Y Position (def: 0)": 0.0,
  "Check Building cost (def: false)": false,
  "Check for Deployables before placing (def: false)": false,
  "Display center functions (def: false)": false,
  "Symmetry UI Command": "sym_ui",
  "Symmetry UI X/Y Position command": "sym_ui_pos",
  "Symmetry UI Position reset command": "sym_ui_reset"

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