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Boogie Bomb 2.0.2


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About Boogie Bomb

Face punch removed the dance. I attempted to use the new ones but the dances won't lock the player. I'll have another go a bit later to see what I can come up with.


This plugin may break in the next rust update! Purchase with caution. I can't promise it will work after 7th of october

Adds Boogie Bombs from Fornite into Rust, making use of a secret dance emote!


2.0 Update!

Old Version

How does it work?

Allows you to turn specific F1 Grenades or All F1 Grenades into Boogie Bombs that can be thrown at players! There is also two command to manually play the dance emote

What does the Boogie Bomb do?

When thrown it will roll around making a funny noise. It will then explode and a Boom Box will spawn along with a fully fitted nightclub! All players hit by the explosion will be forced to dance uncontrollably. Once the dance has ended the Music Box will blow up along with the rest of the nightclub and everyone affected will return to normal. You can see this in the YouTube video above. Boogie bombs do no damage to players or buildings, they are harmless.

How do I use it?

Boogie bombs can be incorporated into your server in the following ways!
Spawn then with /boogiebomb – requires the permission “BoogieBomb.use”
Add an F1 Grenade with the skin id in your boogie bomb config file to add them to your loot table or add them to kits in the same way!
Alternatively, you can set all F1 Grenades to act as boogie bombs in the config file – the settings are as follows:



AllF1GrenadesAreBoogie | Sets this to true to make all F1 Grenades act as boogie bombs

DanceFloorSize | Set the size of the dance floor, This increases the radius of the boogie bomb – Default value is 10

SkinForBoogieBomb | The skin Id to use for boogie bombs. This is ignored if AllF1GrenadesAreBoogie is set to true

DanceDurationSeconds | The time in seconds for how long players should dance

LegacyBoogieBomb | Use the old version of this plugin (Music Egg)

RadioToUse | The radio to use when the boogie bomb spawns. Numbers from 0 -> 16. When the plugin loads it will state what radio you have selected. I suggest picking the 0,1 or 2 as these load immediately


Just want to use the dance emotes use the commands

/dance – makes you dance. requires “BoogieBomb.me” perm

/dancetarget username – makes the target dance, requires “BoogieBomb.target” perm


I have a question about the plugin or need help!

Message me on discord – mrcameron999#3378

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