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Ban Checker 1.0.1

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Message added by Drxp,

Bug has been found with this plugin. Kicking any player for EAC/VAC bans when there's no bans. Working on a fix!

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About Ban Checker

OnPlayerConnected Features

Game bans - any bans found on the steamID
VAC bans 
last ban [Days] days ago. // to auto ban set the amount of days in the config.

Sent to discord.

That's not all. There's also a command you can run, which will more or less do the same thing. However, the user doesn't have to be on your server. 
(ConsoleCommand) BanInfo <steamID>


Allows server administrators to set and manage various configurations, including the Steam API Key, Discord Webhook URLs, and Discord Role ID.
If no configuration file exists, the system will automatically create a default one.
Player Report System:

Players have the ability to report others using either the /report command or through F7 reports.
The system keeps a tally of how many times a player has been reported.
Detailed report information is sent to a designated Discord channel.
Admin Actions:

The system logs and sends notifications to Discord when admins take actions such as kicking, banning, or unbanning players.
Upon a player's connection to the server, their ban status is automatically checked.
If a connecting player has previous game bans, notifications are sent to Discord.
The system offers a "baninfo" console command for manual ban checks.
Feedback is provided for various scenarios, such as when there's an invalid SteamID or a failed web request.
Admin Commands:

The plugin handles various admin commands, including kick, ban, and unban.
All actions are logged, and feedback is sent to Discord.


  "Discord Admin Webhook URL": "Your default admin webhook URL here", ban, kick and unban webhook/
  "Discord Report Webhook URL": "Your default report webhook URL here", F7 and /report webhook
  "Discord Role ID to Ping": "Your default role ID here", - role to ping when some has game bans and joins the server.
  "Discord Webhook URL": "Your default webhook URL here", - this isthe webhook for the ban check on spawn
  "Steam API Key": "Your default API key here" Steam API - This is needed.



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