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About Underground Shelter

This is my Underground Shelter, It's samall monument with puzzle which large part is located below gruound .


  1. Total prefab count - 489 which include invisible volumes and triggers
  2. Included is Alpha, Height, Splat and Topology Mask
  3. Monument contains Green card room and Blue card room
  4. Loot at monument :
    Outside monument : 3x loot barrel , 2x Oil Barrel, 1x Vehicle parts
    Behind green door : 3x Normal Crate, 3x Medical Crate, 4x Foodbox, 1x Tool Crate, 1x Fuel Crate, 3x Loot Barrel
    Behind blue door : 5x Miitary Crate, 3x Normal Crate, 1x Tool box, 1x Fuel Crate, 1x Ammo Crate, 3x Loot Barrel, 1x Red Card
  5. Utilities included : Recycler, Repair bench
  6. Computer Station + 3 CCTV 
  7. Roleplay stuff : Piano, Chippy game, Heating System, working chairs and toilets
  8. Posibility for conecting to road system

REQUIRED: Oxide.Ext.Rustedit.dll is required for the spawning of loot, keycards and for the puzzles to be active.

You can contact me by Discord in case you have any Bugs, questions or ideas for improving monument ( STIVI#8212 )

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