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Treasure Valley 1.01

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About Treasure Valley

Good day everyone.

I am presenting to you, Treasure Valley, a waterfall monument, surrounded by cliffs, a custom wooden cabin, and a small river below. Within these cliffs, a man once lived, told to have hidden all of his belongings in the waterfall. Hidden treasure awaits who have the heart and the courage to climb down the valley and seek it.

Many have tried and failed, but, you will be the one to find the treasures. But a note of warning, there are some traps found in the area.



- Waterfall with cliffs, and below a small river with some food spawns.

- The cliffs are equipped with mother natures way to provide some parkour abilities. Use these to reach the bottom.

- Hidden loot crates can be found below, these includes: Basic Crates, Military Crates, Food and Medical crates also.

- Total Prefabs: About 750 total.

- Total additional height is about 50, recommended map height: 550 Minimum.

 Included is the Height, Splat, Road, and Topology appliers. (Road is used for the river)


Included is 4 stand-alone prefabs for you to use as you wish, most from myself, another from Lambo7000.

- Cabin - Designed by myself, and great for you to use in any map design.

- Cabin Fireplace - Special thanks to Lambo7000.

- Lootable Fridge - Designed by myself, lootable food crate included.

- Treasure Chest - Designed by myself, includes a military green crate to loot.


This monument requires the Oxide.Ext.RustEdit.dll file to be installed on to the hosting server.

If you need help, have problems, or for any questions, please feel free to join my Discord or DM me, gpsmit84#5963.


Have a wonderful day, and chat again soon.



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