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About Hideout Shelter

Hey everyone.

This is my bunker roadside monument, Hideout Shelter.

A decayed house of a retired Cobalt scientist has more than the eye can see. Below the surface is a hidden bunker, filled with great starter loot and an easier way to get a BLUE keycard, and an interesting story to tell.


  1. Total Map Prefabs: 750 (760+ with invisibles such as terrain, water and other triggers/volumes)
  2. Included is the Height, Biome, Splat, Topology and Alpha settings.
  3. Monument also contains a GREEN keycard room and a BLUE keycard room.
  4. Loot includes 2x military crates, 3x normal crates, and 2x tool crates, basic crates and some barrels.
  5. Utilities included is Recycler, Repair Bench and a Research Table.
  6. Perfect roadside monument to add to any map.

REQUIRED: Oxide.Ext.Rustedit.dll is required for the spawning of loot, keycards and for the puzzles to be active.

You can join my Discord if you like to find out more about Hideout Shelter, or if you have any bugs, questions, queries.

Thank you very much for your time and have a great day.


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